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Hi! So the question at hand is this. 

I've been pondering the long debate between the he-500 and the audeze lcd-2, and I've finally decided on the audeze lcd 2. This is where my problem begins. I'm relatively new to the audiophile world, and I'm planning on doing the upgrades all at once. I currently have an Asus essence STX sound card, but I was wondering if it was good enough to drive these headphones. I don't need to keep it as a friend of mine will want to buy it off me if I decide on getting an amp, which is why I wanted to ask, which amp do you think is best suited to be pared with these headphones? My budget is around 300, but it isn't set in stone. So if there is a good reason that a more expensive amp will work better, I can go over my budget. Thanks again for reading this paragraph, considering your response, and responding! (If you do, that is.. or even if you don't!)