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DNA Pro vs Audio Technica ATH M50, Beat Pro

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Okay I don't want people hating on me just by reading the title, I have previously posted things that upset many people on this site. I am well aware that people on Head fi don't like brands like beats, bose, sms, soul, skullcandy. Neither do I for i have heard many of the cans those brands offer and to me they all sound bad. After a few days of surfing the web I stumbled upon some reviews that said the Monster DNA Pro sounded very good. I wanna know how they compare to the Beat pros because I have heard the beat pros and to me they sounded very muddy. Are the DNA Pros the same way or are they better. Are the DNA Pros as good as the M50 or better/worse?

I listen to pretty much everything. I am a 15-year-old boy and while I do want good audio, I also want a pair of cans that looks good. So if I can get a comparison that would be great.

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stuff on the DNA Pro: http://www.head-fi.org/a/2013-head-fi-winter-gift-guide-over-ear-headphones-2 they seem to be very good, not bassy at all. just the right amount

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thanks but like I said before , I have already read reviews that say they are good, what i want is a comparison between the dna pro and the m50/ beat pros. I have read reviews where people say the beat pros were very good and detailed/not muddy, but when i listened to them they were very muddy. so thats why i want a comparison 

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Well, a direct comparison might be hard to find, but reading stuff about both of them can be equally informative


in favor of DNA Pro:

- Soundstage

- Neutrality while keeping punchiness (a bit on the warm side)

- Detail

- Looks

- Portability/weight


in favour of M50:

- Bass response (good for EDM and so music genres, not so good for classical)

- More treble (too bright for some, but generally just a bit emphasized)

- Possibility of coiled cable

- Better build (I guess, at least it seems like it)

- WAYYYY cheaper


both are semi-circumaural, so comfort isn't top notch. Both have warm midranges, with the M50 being more recessed than the DNA. Both are quite big, but the M50 is definitely less portable than the DNA. in terms of isolation I have no idea which is better, perhaps the M50. both have removable cables. 


I haven't read much about the Beats Pro but I've always read they are a complete wast of money. Even people who look more at the brands than Headfiers say it is rubbish. Comfort is very bad, sound is even worse. So I would take those out immediately. So personally, from these three, I would go with the DNA, despite the bigger price tag, because I hate harsh/bright/ in-your-face treble, I prefer a natural sound, and I like a reasonable soundstage. But for the money there are much better options, IMHO, to fit my needs.


Some more info can help in giving you more options: what genres you prefer (I've read the "everything", but surely there is something you prefer)? budget? can the headphones be open? is isolation a bit matter? etc

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Well by now from what all iv heard I'm pretty set on the dna. 60% of the music I listen to is rap and hip hop/ electronic( dubstep. Dance). Then it's rock, then alternative then pop then classical and lastly jazz. $300 is how much my parents will spend, I will be getting them on my birthday which is on December. Isolation does matter as most of my family is noisy.
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for 300$ you can get MUCH better options. I'm not the best people to advise you regarding bass-oriented headphones, I'm sure somebody here can give more correct answers.


Just another thing: can you try them before buying?

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I've actually heard all three and own the Beats Pro, but I have the least experience with the DNA because I've only used them for about an hour:


I flat out hated the M50, don't know why. I've used at least 6 different pairs and I wouldn't pay any more than $50 for them. I thought the Beats Pro was a firm step up, but I'd never buy a pair at retail. They go for about $150 on eBay which is the most I'd pay for a pair.


The DNA was less bassy than I expected (I expected a bigger version of the DNA on ear sound), decent soundstage, not as good as the AKG K550 but acceptable. Details were slightly fuzzy, but that's only compared to other headphones in its price range. Midrange was fine, not the clearest, but the best I've heard from Monster. I didn't think they're as good as other $250 headphones like some AKG K550's (but the problem is I've never heard two that sounded exactly the same, and some have less of an upper midrange glare than others), ZMF V2 (but these are probably too ugly for you), and the Sennheiser Momentum, but if those are your only options, it's the best you're going to get.

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Hmmm well earlier I was looking through the Sony website and I noticed that the xba h3 had fallen in price and are now 250. Would any of you guys happen to know how good these are?
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before looking for soundquality and similar matters, ask yourself: How long will these remain in my ears? Just because IEM's are much worse in terms of long listening comfort than headphones. So if you plan to listen/play games/use them for, lets say, 2 hours straight, have in mind they may get really uncomfortable.


as for those Sony, get them. for 250 they are a steal. removable cables, hybrid, lots of great bass, etc, etc. They do come out of the ears quite a bit, so wind noise might be problematic (I don't know), are best worn over ear (straight down with these should be funny lol) so beware if you have glasses.


I've read they are outstanding, but for 250 pounds (over 400 bucks) they are not the best value. Although they remained worth the price, there were better value options (less expensive and worse sounding). So I assume that for almost half that price they become fantastic in every way

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With me comfort with iems has never been a problem. I usually listen to music for 2 hours sometimes 6 on long road trips. I don't plan on running around with the Sonys or being outside to much with them so wind noise shouldn't be a problem also where I live there isn't much wind. I live in the US and here they r $250
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perfect then. search a bit more (can't hurt right?) but those ones seem really good for you

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I don't know how I could have forgotton about the Sony mdr 1r, how are those?
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