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Looking for IEM for ~$100

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I posted here around 5 years ago, and got some great advice from you guys. I can't believe I still remember my username/password after all these years, but I do remember the great advice you provided me. Guess this is round 2 for me?


Last time I was looking for some headphones. Now, I'm looking for some IEMs. I had the Bose earbuds as a gift, but they're worn out now and I need some quality earphones. I will be using them primarily for listening music from my laptop, as well as my smartphone while working out at the gym. So pretty casual use, nothing super fancy. In terms of music, I'll mostly be using Spotify, and I have a pretty broad spectrum of music, ranging from classical to rap. Don't care regarding isolation, but I would prefer quality sound over noise-canceling. 


Price wise, I am looking for around $100. I can spend a little more, but since these are just casual use, I'm setting my budget around $100. If the value is incredible for a pair at $150 or something, I'll definitely consider it.


Thank you once again! I'm looking forward to any recommendations you may have. 

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Rha ma750
Xiaomi piston 2
Ostry kc06
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