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Komplete Audio 6 vs MBox 3 vs ???

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Hey all, I'm back to annoy the pros with another audio question. This time, about an audio interface. 


I record YouTube videos and have been using a Blue Spark Digital (a USB mic) that I like very much. However, I think I will get better quality recordings by selling this and going with the Blue Spark (XLR mic). It is essentially the same mic, but XLR. 


With an interface not only do I have the benefits of a better pre-amp and higher bit rate recording, but I can also use it to control my studio monitors which would be a nice addition from the Sound Blaster Z I am using. I like the DSP the SBZ offers, but I would like to keep that for entertainment and use my interface for recording. With an interface and XLR mic, I have the ability to upgrade my mic over time and not have to worry about making sure it is USB. 


With all that said and my budget, I am between the Komplete Audio 6 and the MBox 3. Focusrite 2i2 was in the mix but I recently crossed it off because I heard the preamp is better in the other two. Also, I heard that the Komplete has the lowest latency in all of the benchmarks a la budget interfaces. However, I am open to other suggestions. 


Which one would you guys go with? From my research, I heard they all do basically the same thing and it all comes down to functionality and reliability. But at this point, these devices have been out for a while so all of the driver issues have been ironed out. 


What is important to me: 

  • A good built in pre-amp
  • Upgrade-ability
  • Monitoring features (headphone or otherwise while recording)


So far it looks like the Komplete Audio 6 wins out because of the pre-amp and the myriad of features that are packed in. On the MBox side, it would be nice to get Pro-Tools free. 


Anyway; thoughts?

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Best places to find out might be only the reviews you see on sweetwater, zzounds, and such.  Few here will have tried out those pro audio units, if at all, and Google isn't turning up much useful info.

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