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Some cheap ear buds?

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Kind of a strange question for a forums of audiophiles, but I'm looking for some cheap ear buds for School. These head phones get set loose in my pocket, get thrown across the class room and not a care is given. I've tried putting ear buds in a case before, but I just don't have the time for that and I know that first hand after I tore the head off my UE's. 


The budgets about $10 maybe $20 and must be from Australia.. Not much I know. Looking for something with reasonable audio quality and decent durability; I know those two don't really go together. I listen to a bit of everything, Metal, Rap, Electric so a large variety. 


Thanks in advance!

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Theres the xiaomi piston 2
You can find it on penon audio
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Originally Posted by zunehdrocks View Post

Theres the xiaomi piston 2
You can find it on penon audio


Penon Audio ships from Hong Kong, so ordering from Australia works well. smily_headphones1.gif

Also, check out the Chinese/Asian brands thread for information (and questions) about other IEMs that Penon Audio might stock for your budget.
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How about the Philips SHE3590.

or the SHO2200 if you want REAL durability

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