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Sennheiser Momentum over ear sharp "S" sound

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Hey guys, 
Recently I bought new Sennheiser momentum over ear headphones after quite a long research on different forums and reviews. 
The headphones are great indeed, however I am no audiophile or any expert in this area thus I'm not sure what is right and what not. 
Basically these headphones were an upgrade to my IEM soundmagic e10, which I loved and still love! and frankly I couldn't even notice much of a difference between those two (guess the biggest difference was the price lol ! E10 - 35 euros, while the momentums cost me 200) .. okay the sound is a bit more clear.. :) .
Now here's a thing I noticed on the momentums, they do play really clear and accurate, however sometimes I get this irritating "sharp S sound" (don't know what's it called in the audiophile community .. I believe it has another term). 
For instance in tracks like Krewella - Human or TyDi ft Sarah Howells - When I go .. it gets really frustrating. I noticed that these sharp vocals are present even when playing them on E10s, however since E10s are less accurate and a bit more bassy, the overall sound isn't as frustrating as on the momentums. 
My question is, is this how these headphones actually should play and I just need to get used to it ? Is there any thing Im doing incorrectly ? Or did I get a faulty piece ? Im not using any audio boost device (Fiio or anything like that) .. I play the music on my PC with an integrated sound card (Asus maximus onboard SC)  and mobile device htc one x. 
Would appreciate any advise :) thanks ! 


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Most probably the source, which means bad DAC and/or bad recordings.

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I think you've just gotten used to the E10's warmer, less-fatiguing sound (I haven't heard the E10s, just assuming from your description) and when you switched to something with a more forward treble presentation you became more acutely aware of that sort of thing.


Still, I didn't think the Momentums were sibilant at all in my experience. Maybe your ears are extra sensitive to treble. I checked out both tracks and while they're filled with s sounds they didn't really bother me until I really raised the volume (with an etymotic HF5, the most treble-forward earphonesI have on me atm). Considering these are EDM-y songs you probably are listening at above-average volume levels to feel the bass thump. Whatever the reason, now you know- you should stick to headphones with laid-back treble from now on.

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thanks for the advise! 
do you think upgrading to better sound card would improve the sound ? 

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