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For Sale: Yulong D100 DAC & Headphone Amplifier

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For Sale:
Yulong D100 DAC & Headphone Amplifier

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Reason for Selling: There comes a time in the natural progression of any Head-Fi insanity where you look at all the gear you've accumulated and realize that you can't possibly need it all. This is my third round of Head-Fi selloffs, and this is probably the hardest thus far, because I've got some stuff in here that I really like... But at any rate, this listing is for a perfect condition Yulong D100 MkI USB DAC and headphone amplifier with balanced outputs. 


What It Comes With: D100, IEC power cord, owner's manual, original packaging. 


Product Page: (Note, this is the product page for the MkII, not the MkI I have listed):



Head-Fi (by John Grandberg of InnerFidelity, aka Project86):

Head-Fi (by Skylab):


This thing is just stupid good for the money. If you listen to a lot of rock and/or metal, you will LOVE it, as this is one of the few DACs that really nails the texture and tone of guitars correctly, which is crucial to appreciating a lot of rock and metal music IMO. And the built-in headphone amp is pretty good too! If you need a good all-in-one unit (with balanced outputs!) with a small footprint without having to shell out big bucks, this is a no-brainer. The price is $225 plus shipping, and I'll cover PayPal fees. As always, drop me a line with any questions. Thanks for looking!!


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Yulong D100 DAC & Amplifier

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Interest Check:

JF Digital HDM-03S

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