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For Sale: Schiit Lyr Amp with Upgrades (SALE PENDING)

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For Sale:
Schiit Lyr Amp with Upgrades (SALE PENDING)

Will Ship To: US & Canada

Reason for Selling: There comes a time in the natural progression of any Head-Fi insanity where you look at all the gear you've accumulated and realize that you can't possibly need it all. This is my third round of Head-Fi selloffs, and this is probably the hardest thus far, because I've got some stuff in here that I really like... But at any rate, this listing is for a perfect condition (as far as I can tell, no dings or imperfections at all) Schiit Lyr headphone amplifier and preamp, with a couple of upgrades. 





Upgraded Tubes: conventional wisdom has it that the Lyr can be quite a surprisingly excellent amplifier, but you have to put in the time (and money) to find the best tubes to let it shine. After going on a bit of a buying spree and rolling in a number of different tubes, I found a set of Mullard CV2492 E88CC 6922 (Matched Pairs USED 1969-1978 Dimple Disc Getter - Gt. Britain) to be the best I've heard, and I'm including them with the amp. (If, for whatever reason, you'd rather that I keep the Mullards and include a different set of tubes, I also have: a pair of the 6n1p upgraded (not stock) tubes from Schiit; four pairs of RCA black plate 6bz7 from Tube Depot; and a pair of GE smoked glass 6dj8/6922). (Purchased from Tubemonger for $75+shipping). 


Socket Savers: in my efforts to ensure vibration was not creeping insidiously into my listening experience, I picked up a set of "NOVIB Socket Savers© with Vibration Reduction Base and Gold Plated Pins." They apparently reduce vibration (didn't actually compare this, of course), save your tube sockets (as these take the wear and tear, not the sockets themselves) and, most usefully IMO, raise the tubes up high enough that they aren't so #$% difficult to remove from the amp. (Purchased from Tubemonger for $50+shipping). 


IsoNode Anti-Vibration Feet: again with the anti-vibration crusade. The IsoNodes served two purposes: reducing vibration (obviously) and lifting the amp off the desk et al so that it didn't scratch up the amp, and also allowed for better air circulation and heat dissipation (the Lyr uses the casework as a heat sink, and gets pretty warm due to the high Class-A bias). 


Relay-Less: while not an upgrade per se, the later Lyr amps shipped with a power on/off relay that wasn't originally included due to concerns about the impact it might have on the sound quality. Should you decide you actually want the relay installed, Schiit will still install it for free if you send it to them (source). I never sent mine in, as I've always tried to avoid leaving my headphones plugged in during power cycles, and I didn't want to add anything potentially detrimental to the sound quality of the amp. 



What It Comes With: well-nigh perfect Schiit Lyr, IEC power cable, 1/8-to-1/4 headphone jack adapter (don't think I've ever even used it), owner's manual, original packaging, and the above-mentioned upgrades. And my goodwill, which is of course priceless. 



Reviews: other than the dozens around Head-Fi itself, here are a few reviews of the amp (although there are tons more, look around): 


The MSRP of the Lyr is $449, which is what I bought it for new a couple of years ago. With the upgraded tubes ($75) and socket savers ($50), the total cost of the amp as it's sold comes to $575 (I got the IsoNodes for free with another purchase). I'm selling mine for $375+shipping. At my asking price, I'll eat the PayPal fees. 


If there are any questions, please don't hesitate to drop me a line! I'm going to have a few other things going up for sale this weekend as well, so I'll come back here and link to 'em below. Thanks for looking!



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Sale is pending payment.
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