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For Sale: Pod Classic 160gb near mint rockboxed

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
Pod Classic 160gb near mint rockboxed

Will Ship To: Continental us

I'm selling an iPod Classic I rarely use anymore that's in amazing condition I've always kept it in the belkin leather case and the front is perfect with only minor scuffing from lol the belkin leather case but that's expected with these players soft aluminum backings. It's rock boxed which sounds and runs far better than stock firmware and no iTunes needed. Includes the ipod with the leather case 2amp apple charger and cord.

Price includes usps priority mail and PayPal fees. No trades or international shipping. Thank you.
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Free bump.

This guy's a great seller. Someone buy this!

Good luck with your sale.

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Haha thx, you still enjoying that arrow amp smily_headphones1.gif
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Nah, I traded it off...

Someone is enjoying it though :)

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Interesting, might want one of these, but this one doesn't ship to Finland...

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