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Basshead - Need some setup advice

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Hey guys.


Just bought the v-moda LP. I have a really nice PC in terms of everything BUT the audio. I have the XONAR DG soundcard so, I could use some advice.


I really, really like bass. I want my brain rattling. What do I need to make that happen? A DAC or something?


Sorry if the questions seem repeated or dumb, really new to the audio scene.



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Welcome. Do a search for extreme basshead and audiophile basshead threads. Both are very active and can help your quest.

Short answer for you. Get a USB DAC / amp like the FiiO E-10 with bass boost and you'll notice a large improvement. Or continue down the rabbit hole and add a vintage amp right after the E-10 DAC and flip the loudness switch. You'll be grinning from ear to ear.
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I want to be able to hook my speakers up to the DAC too.. So what about this DAC?




Would just this be enough to get some serious bass?

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The Audioengine is from reputation a good unit but you can't directly hook up typical "speaker wire hookup" speakers to it. You can use it to feed a vintage amp via RCA connections and it would be ideal for that. It is how my FiiO E-10 is used at work. Computer to E-10 to Realistic receiver to speakers or headphones.

I'm not sure if there is a DAC that you can directly hook up speakers to. I have about 5 different DACs and none can do what you described but do a great job feeding amps.
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