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Coolest headphones for summer?

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    Any recommendations for the "coolest" on-ear or over-ear headphones?  The Sennheiser, AKG, and Beyer's I have all have thick earmuff pads that get really warm.  Anything, well, cooler?

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Philips Fidelio X1 maybe :atsmile:

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I haven't tried a pair yet.  Do they let your ears breathe?

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MA900, HD800 and  K1000, PFR-V1.


And above all, Beats.

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Living in Japan, I ask myself the same question since we got 30 degrees C everyday...

My pick would be the iGrado. Really really nice headphone.

But I'm still searching. Anyone ?

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I"m still searching also, but so far Philips Fidelio X1 are the coolest followed by AKG K712.  Hottest ones are by far Ultrasone Pro650. Beyer DT770 pro, AKG Q701 and hottest of all are Sennheiser HD595.  I'm interested to hear more comments and comparisons

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I'm also thinking about the Sony MDR MA900.

It surely is the lighter cups I've ever tried (really, it's impressive) and they got great reviews :


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I haven't listened to the Sony much, but it is really light.  Out of the phones I've tried, I'd say the Fidelio X1's are the most "breathable" so far and they sound very good.  Not as clear as the K712, but on the other hand, they're a little more relaxed and forgiving.  Nice bass on them also.  They're not all that light, but they're really pretty comfortable considering.   I replaced the cable on them and have been powering them with an Asgard 2, which works great with them.  I'd rank them below the K712's in sound but better in comfort.  Fidellio's are WAY more comfortable than the Q701's, those bumps kill my poor bald head...

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Haha ! Same here ! Each time I listen to the Q/K701, I swear against those silly bumps. Bald head you said ?! That's the reason why I've chosen the AD900X : really similar signature, but so much more comfy. Not really refreshing, though... I should give a try to the X1, but it seems they stopped at L1/M1 here in Japan. Never been able to find a single X1 in a shop...


I just bought the DT1350 this morning ;-) It's slowly burning... Have you ever listened to them ?

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I recommend anything that is build like Grado SR60. That on-ear foam padded design lets your ears breathe the most.


I would recommend in-ear ones as well, if not for the fact they make my ears hurt and I would not wish pain on the fine peoples of head-fi.

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In-ear would be perfect for summer : 1. cool listening 2. and easy to fall asleep with in the summer breeze... But they hurt my ears too ;-) It could actually be a great thread : what are the best cans to fall asleep with ?

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I can't really deal with in-ear either, they hurt.   I think the most comfortable for bed but by far NOT the best sounding were Ultrasone iCans.   The X1's are pretty comfortable in bed, particularly if you rubber band the hammock - since you don't need the clamping force to make up for headphone weight when they're supported that way.  Q701's are the worst because of the clamping pressure and the bumps.  HD595 are so hot that if I ever move back to Chicago, they will be my winter earmuffs.

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Koss PortaPros!

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The coolest circum-aural headphones I have are my AKG K702 headphones. These are of pretty much the same design as the K701, Q701 and several other models.


I do think that supra-aural headphones can be suited to hotter weather. I like my B & W P5 headphones in very hot weather, I have used them when travelling in Italy and Romania in very hot weather. These have leather ear pads which might help. 

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Koss Porta Pro by a mile. Can be adjusted so they hardly touch the ear. Always my choice for beach wear. 

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