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new and undecided

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Hello I'm new to the audophile world and would love some feedback about some products im anxious to buy. I'm looking for some nice sounding headphones with good bass. I listen mostly to Edm/house/electro/dubstep /hiphop music and have been considering the vmoda m100s. My dilema is choosing a headphone that can be used for home listening and for when I head out to the gym for some lifting and jogging which makes me think twice about using 300$ headphones for exercise activity. It has led me to look at alternate headphones like the isport freedoms and earbud plug ins but I prefer over or on ear then in ear buds. I read somewhere here of a guy using the the vmodas xs for parkour which kind of answered my questions about using them for exercise. Would using the m100 seem out of the norm for jogging or lifting? I know they are big so I thought about using the xs but being a bass head I dont want to miss out on the m100. I have astro a50 for gaming and since then have been in love with headphones. Music sounds nice on them but I would love to hear what the m100 could do Can someone olease give any advice, I'm new to it all lol and don't know what road to choose. Thank you.

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Get the XL pads with you M100 and you'll be very happy. They aren't heavy at all, they're super durable as is the cable, their signature it what you're looking for, and with the XL pads they definitely won't be falling off your head. When I say XL, you might think 'bulky' but they aren't they're just a little bigger than the stockers. The weight of the headphone is spread out VERY nicely throughout the headband making them feel almost weightless, which makes them an awesome portable headphone. I'd just go with the M100 man, you won't regret it.

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 Thank you, I think I will go with m100, but will sweating damage them?  I hear they are built like a tank and I have small ears,  what's the maIn difference between the xl and normal pads.?

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I demoed a pair with the XL pads, I didn't see the originals. I just know that I was very pleased with the XLs.I think you'll be safe sweating with them on, the drivers wont be touching your ears or anything.

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The difference between the XL pads and stock pads is that the stock pads had much less material inside them, so when you wore them for longer than an hour the material would compress and your ears would be pressed against the drivers for the whole rest of the time. The XL pads are buttery soft, with much more material inside. They solve the one and only real drawback to the M100. I'm with Casper. The M100 would be perfect for you.

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 hey and thanks casper. by any chance have used them for gaming. I have some astros a50 which os what led me to look further into headphones. I love my a50s but if the m100 coukd replace them in the gaming department then ill rather prefer that

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I tried them (M100) for gaming when I first got them, and while they have pretty great sound, it was hard to accurately place where things were in an open world or FPS game, like bullets being shot in your direction or footsteps. I liked the Sennheiser HD598 and AKG Q701 for gaming A LOT better, but they wouldn't be good cans for going out anywhere or working out at the gym. They're open backs, so everyone can hear your music as well as you can, and they need an amp, otherwise they wont be putting forth their best.

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oh ok. ill stick woth the astros for gaming them butbI stikl want thr m100s. Hopefully this month ill buy them for the house and gym. Gotta get those xl pads though

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If you had come around 2 weeks earlier I could've sold you mine with the XL pads already installed. I let em go for about $210 shipped. If you don't mind getting a used pair, you should check out the For Sale classifieds. Good stuff is always up for sale there and most people here pretty much baby their stuff, so they're in like new condition.

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The M100s are an amazing pair of headphones. The problem is, you definitely don't want to wear them to the gym. Any pair of over-ear headphones will make you feel hot as hell while jogging. I own a pair of Sony MDR-1R headphones and while mowing my lawn, I feel 30 degrees (F) hotter than reality. For on the go purposes, I use the Klipsch X7i headphones. Very clean, crisp sounds with great highs and lows. The bass could be a little tighter, but Klipsch makes the most comfortable in-ear headphones in my opinion... by far. 


Conclusion: Go for the M100s if you're going for good sound. Go for in-ear headphones (I recommend Klipsch, just stay away from the Klipsch S4-IIs) for portability and activity.

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 I'll have a look in the classifieds.  Thank you

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Thank you. I'm all new and been doing research but your input is gladly received. This forum has been great so far. Thank you all

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You're welcome. By the way, if you wanna get an amp, the FiiO E12 is on sale right now at for $89.99 with coupon code "STREETFAIR". They ran out of stock, but if you call them up and mention the coupon you might be able to pick one up for that price. Another head-fier had some luck with that and posted the deal on in the deals discussion forum.

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 thx i checked and they were out of stock. ill keep my eye on it though

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