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I listen to Classical music everyday at work in my cube. I currently have a Cavalli Ehha Rev A amplifier with quality components and matched transistors etc..A pair of Sennheisser HD800s and my source is a Marantz SA8004 SACD player that also has DAC inputs (this player makes me smile every day I use it.). I have a collection of 565  Studio Master files,CDs and SACDs to keep me entertained.

 I am now wanting to build a better amp. Not that I don't love the one I have but because I have used it for a couple years and feel like building a different one. I prefer the hybrid design but am open to others if they are worthy of consideration. I already have a nice Bijou amp that I use with my HD600s.

 I have been off the forums for about 2 years and wanted to know what other high end designs are out there that can be successfully DIY built with the available information? Cost is not an issue within reason. If I could afford $5k for a headphone amp I would just buy one. But $1200 or so for a very high end great sounding DIY build is certainly feasible. I have access to a full machine shop and have built several amps and am not afraid of a complex build.

 So please make some suggestions and help fill me in on whats happened in the last 2 years and if there is any designs available for something really special please share!.