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Sony NWZ E-584 / Sony NWZ E-384 opinions

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Hello,i was wondering if anyone have tried this 2 DAPs,every opinion is apriciated.
I already read threads about sansa clip,cowan 9 or more expensive like x3 or dx50, but i cant find anywhere reviews about this 2 sonys.
Thank you
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Anybody??? I guess there not good for there price.
If anybody has one plz tell us your opinion.
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These daps are great if you dont care about the storage. If you are used to Sony's 'warm' sound you'll love them.

The best thing I like about this player, is that it has it's own Sony UI which I have never seen crashing from A865 walkman upwards (which uses this interface)

Another up is the battery lasts a substantial number of days.


But the included earphones reminds you back to mid 1990s. If you have better earphones you will be good.

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They're somewhere in the middle, not bad at all but not outstanding either.


Sony's indisputable strength is in a friendly user interface, and "perceived quality", meaning they look and feel polished, expensive, stable. If you love both of these things like me, you'll really enjoy the walkmans. :tongue:


Sound-wise, Sony's sound signature is very different from Sansa, Apple or even Cowon. We're not just talking about lows/mids/highs, the soundstaging also feels different. It's best to audition them for yourself and see if you like it.


Many if not all walkman players use hidden processing to sculpt the sound of the headphone jack. Even if you switch off all EQ and sound effects, it is still processing in the background. I'm not saying it's bad, just something to keep in mind. This is also the key difference between Sony's "Walkman" and "IC Recorder" product lines.

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Thank you for your opinions.


I have purchased the Soundmagic E10 and Vsonic VSD1S ,but im waiting for shipping :(.

In future il buy maybe the Klipsch S4 or something similar in that price range.

I believe with this IEMs i will see noticable difference in SQ next to my smartphone (UMI X2) right???


Thanks again for your responces,very helpfull.

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