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Headphone Collections

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Just wondered if any of you have any headphone collections and what they were, pictures would be a plus. By collections I mean a group of headphones with a common thread between them.

 I only have one small collection and am without a camera, if this thread has any legs I'll post pictures when I get one in a few days. My collection is a Sennheiser one. I have all the flagships from the last (approx) 20 years. HD580, HD600, HD650, HD700, HD800. I know the 700 wasn't really a flagship as such but looking at the packaging it is obvious to me that Sennheiser thought it would at some point, and it fits in the numerical model sequence so I included it. I thought it was pretty neat lining them all up and seeing the evolution in design over the years.

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Shure se310, SE425, SE530 and SE846 (in ear) SRH 840 and Beyerdynamic 770 Pro 250 Ohms

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Denon is my chosen collectibles............have the D2000, D7000 and D600 now and sold the D5000 a while back. Trying to find the AHA-100 anniversary Denon but cost on the one I found was too high for my "value proposition" eval.

Here's one oldie.....

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