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For Sale: Hifiman HE-6 headphones sold

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For Sale:
Hifiman HE-6 headphones sold

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Excellent condition. I enjoy the sound of these headphones, but the weight of said cans is too much for me. Sticking with lighter Grados. Comes with velour pads with the rubber inner ring (recommended combination), the stock balanced cable with the 1/4" adapter, and the Hifiman desktop box.


No issues, great sound. Make sure you have an amp on hand that will drive these headphones. They are power hungry.


I have a Hifiman HE adapter that I'll sell too. If you are interested in that, let me know. The headphones have to go first though.


Not interested in trades, thanks.


Free shipping in the states, and paypal is on me.

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Can you tell me how old this headphone is ? and you were the only owner of this headphone ?

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Not original owner. Don't know how old the headphones are.

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Payment sent.

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