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[Reapir] fostex T40 rp no sound

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long time lurker first time post :p


Isodynamic headphones have interested me for sometime and I was pumped to finally get a pair.I recently bought a fostex T40 RP for a steal on eBay.  However when I hooked them up nothing from the left driver. Figured it was a nick  in a wire or something but when I opened them up I couldn't find anything. Then when I hooked them up again nothing from the right driver so both drivers where dead. I started testing the joints and wiring with my multimeter(continuity tests etc.) but no trace of the issue.I'm a little stumped its probably something obvious I am just not seeing. The weird thing is how the right side just died, could the 3.5 jack have died? or maybe I messed up the coil some how? If any one has any tips for T40 maintenance or any idea at all I would appreciate it. I really want to get them in fighting shape so I can start modifying them :D



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Did you try rotating the cable connector in the cup? That jack/plug connection has been a problem for numerous people in the T50RP modding threads. A shot of Deoxit seemed to clear up the problem, but a little turn and wiggle might give you an indication if that's actually where the problem resides.
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I rotated it and nothing changed. I re soldered the jack  and still nothing. Then I took out the left cup driver and soldered in a extra driver I had in my junk box that I knew worked.I thought if the jack or wiring was the issue the driver still wouldn't work but curiously it worked fine so I know the jack and wires are fine. Leaving me to think the drivers are the issue but the coil looks fine.The drivers are magnets and the coil...magnets don't just go bad so it has to be the coil right? :confused_face(1): 




It turns out the coils are damaged. They are a open circuit...I found very small nicks in the coil is there any way to fix them with out replacing them? I know finding replacements will be a problem.

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