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I'm interested in any Squeezebox owner out there who has premium sources as well, and has had his curiousity piqued enough to stick a DAC on a Squeezebox, Audiotron, etc... such a class of device.

Was it worth it? The more I use the Squeezebox, the more I realise that this is actually how I want to listen to music. But... is it truly audiophile? I haven't started to rip lossless yet, mainly because I'm in two minds about what format to store in, so I haven't listened to it with uncompressed audio yet.

After extensively auditioning several CD players, I'm fairly happy to stick with the Sony SCD-XA777ES for now. What I'm wondering is if installing something along the lines of a Chord DAC64 / Shigaraki DAC + Dumpty (etc... I'll get into the merits of one high-end DAC over another later) behind the Squeezebox is a sensible thing to do in order to get as good an analog signal out of the digital output as possible, so that it can deliver truly audiophile results. As I've learned, a digital out is not just a digital out... they do differ. What results have you had from home DAP digital outputs?

Am I mad? I want quality with convenience as well as silence in operation. Any other solutions?