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Headphone for 68$

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probably you guys are bored seeing my thread title, but forum search could not answer the exact problem i am having
I want to buy a new headphone, with max budget of 68$ It is really my max capability so i prefer some recommendation below the budget (though its okay to recommend something a little over it)

My brother have a Soundmagic E10, and i use it a lot. For me, sometimes the bass overshadow the rest of the instrument and in some case the cymbal sound is too loud.
I mostly listen to alternative rock though i also listen to many other genre (metal, classical, pop, techno, instrumental and so on)
I also play game a lot. Like the total war series, modern fps and Dota 2.
I will use the headphone like 2-3 hours non-stop. Before a 20 minute rest, and use it again. So preferably the headphone is a comfortable one


Something I've found while googling

Superlux Hd330 (51.24$ in my place)

Superlux Hd661 (55.4$)

Superlux Hd668b (54.6$)

Superlux Hd681 Evo (63$)
Takstar Hd2000 (37,8$)

Takstar Ts-761 (68$)

Audio-Technica ATH-M30 (53.17$)

Audio-Technica ATH-SJ55 (59.22$)

Audio-Technica ATH-TAD 400 (65,52$)

thank you for your answer, advice and recommendation

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Do you prefer over ear or on ear?
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Or in ear, also, closed or open?
For in ears I recommend the klipsch r6(80 dollars but you could probably find a way to scrounge up 12 dollars)
For 41 dollars you can get the s4i rugged which are waterproof drop proof etc
For 54 dollars, you can get the s4i 2 which are one of my personal iems. Little better sound quality than the rugged, but not a huge difference.
I know that's a lot of klipsch stuff, but I usually recommend those three to beginners, (which I am assuming you are based on your price range) because they have oval shaped ear tips which make them extremely comfortable, sometimes even more comfortable than over ear headphones. I know from experience that you would need to spend almost $300 to get anywhere near the sound quality of these in an over or on ear headphone
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What source will these headphones be plugged into?

Open-back/semi-open headphones (HD330, Hd668b, Hd681 Evo,Ts-761, TAD 400) are not recommended for portable use.

I've heard only the HD2000 and the TS-761. The HD2000 has mmoderate size, easy to drive, V-shaped sound signature, good with rock/metal generes.

TS-761 is a 120 Ohm headphone, but its quite sensitive (tested on MX3), a bit bass-shy (the huge soundstage will absorb most of the bass). Good with instrumental/classical music.

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If the 681 EVO is that expensive, you might as well go for the real thing: an AKG K240 Studio. They're $70 on amazon.

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Thank you for you guys Advice! 

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Yes the K240s are very good at this price point.
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