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It does bass better, but I think that's about it. That's just my opinion though.

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Originally Posted by lofthanza View Post

1. How about soundstage?
2. Which one is better suited for classic n pop music.
3. Do you consider th momentums an upgrade or a sidegrade to the the ath-m50?
4. One last question, which one of them would I be able to turn the volume louder without offending my ears?
Thank you very much!

1. I think Momentum has a better soundstage but not a night and day difference

2. I love my ATH-M50 and listen to all genres so i'd go with M50s.

3. No

4. Momentum

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I had the M50s for a little while and thought the sound was too stuck inside my head. I sent them back. I bought the momentum and I love them and kept them because there was to my ears a wider soundstage.

The M50 sounds punchier with a more sealed sound. The Momentum has a more refined, warmer, sweeter sound that I personally preferred.

But that was the old M50
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Has any of you come across the dt-1350?
How do they compare to the momentums?
I do happen to have the dt-1350 along with the ath-m50, and I wanna make sure I am getting a better sounding headphones than both?
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You already have two very good headphones. I personally prefer the momentum to both. The Momentum has a rich sound that I really like. The M50s have a tight grip around the head and a more sealed congested sound that I did not like as much. 1350 has a nice balance sound, but not as rich. But you should go to Best Buy and try a Momentum to see if you would agree.
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Thank you potterpastor!
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