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For Sale: Schitt Lyr Amp

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For Sale:
Schitt Lyr Amp

Will Ship To: CONUS

This amp is nearly brand new, I ordered this on April 23, 2014, got it a week later. This includes 4 sets of tubes that I tried out:

Amperex Orange Globes (in the amp), from Mercedesman on Ebay, these are NOS tubes, that I paid $60 for the set. 
Voshkod Rockets 1980's, there were sold as unused, about 1 hour on these.
Electro-Harmonix 6922's, these are new manufacture tubes, 13 04 Dates. 
Stock "GE" tubes, labeled just "Canada"

Includes everything that came with the amp, powercord, manual. I'll Ship to you in the original box. Condition 10/10, perfect.  
Price includes shipping, but not pp fees. Please check my feedback for assurance of a safe buy. Will only sell to member with reasonable feedback and verified pp account. Price is firm.  

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Hi from John NYC

wife and I will be going to our 2nd home in Santa Fe New Mexico next week. I have a Lyr in my NY hp station but considering another for Santa Fe (I really like this Amp) Where would this ship from?

When out there I will consider this if still available but get an offer 1st SELL it's a bargain to someone

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Hi John,


I'm at the north end of Atlanta.  Thanks for taking a look.



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Wonderful headfier to deal with. GL with the sale Ron!!

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Looks like a piece of Schitt.


*I'm so sorry, I just had to.

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