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Hi all, Im considering upgrading my setup that is being used listening to classic rock and blues on vinyl.

Im trying to find the weekest link in my setup and since I have´nt found much information about the

Numark pro tt-1 dd turntable I have´nt been able to rule it out just yet.


My setup is : Numark pro tt-1 /at95e cart

                    TC-760LC preamp

                    Little dot 1 /Mullard tubes

                    Grado 325i


I´ve been looking at the Project debut carbon as a possible upgrade since it´s belt driven and people seem to

really like it, or if buying a decent budget MC cartridge for the Numark is a better way to go.

Altough I´ve heard MC´s can give a higher pitched sound?, witch may make my Grados a bit to harsh if thats so.


So, If you have som info about the Numark I would really appreciate the input.