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Hi all,


So I just pulled the trigger on the JVC FX580's after listening to a regular old pair of ipod earphones and finding I liked them even more than my Alpha Dogs and W1000x (weird, right?). However, I've been doing some research on Dita The Answer and Final Audio Designs Heaven VI, which also look like great earphones. I'm a little bit jumpy as the wait for the FX580 is a month and am wondering if anyone has A/B'd these with the Dita or FAD phones. Other comments are welcome also, as I have little to no experience with earphones.




What are peoples impressions of the FX580's coming from closed back full-sized cans, and how do they match up to the Dita's or FAD's? I listen to mainly electronic and rock (think The Mars Volta or Trentemoller).


Anyways, just a newbie looking for some insight.