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I currently have a JVC HA-RX900 headphone clubbed with a Fiio E11 which is connected to my Sansa Clip Zip (RB) as my setup. It's pretty basic but I'm happy with the overall sound quality. However I was thinking whether getting the Audio Technica ATH-M50x will be a better option as compared to the HA-RX900? I really wouldn't be too bothered about getting more bass as I am plenty satisfied with the bass the RX900 offers but will the sound stage and overall sound quality be improve if I was to get the M50x?


The ATH-M50x is priced at around $200 (USD) in my country so I'll only go for it if the expenditure is justified as regards to my current setup.


Genres I listen to are: Rock, soft rock, alternative rock, country (got into this of late), 80's, contemporary instrumentals (Yanni and Clayderman).