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Amps for both HD650 and T1

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I am really a new one in this forum. It is my first post here :regular_smile :


I am finding an amp for my HD650. I know that normally most people will chose an amp for HD650 not more than $600. (just for normal case). Firstly I have the same opinion. But after I tried T1 once, I thought I will buy T1 next year. So I am thinking to buy an amp which can run both HD650 and T1  well.


I am now living in France, I just check the price of some proper amps, which have good price or good performance. (but I just got some information from internet ). So, I post them here, and hope to get any helps from you :)


1. Violectric HPA  V200



4. WOO Audio WA2

5. Schiit LYR


I just got some rough information below :


1. Violectric HPA  V200 (maybe the best balanced choice, price and performance may be both good for this two headphones) 

2. CORDA CLASSIC (I know this is good for T1, but I also heart it seems does not pair with HD650? )

3. PATHOS AURIUM (this is really attractive, but the price is high 1060 euros. Is this amp have a high CP ? I know it can drive most headphones well)

4. WOO Audio WA2 (it is not easy to buy it from Europe.)

5. Schiit LYR (The price is so good, and it is a hot amp in any forums, but I do not know how good it is, someone say it is good, but mostly due to its price and big power)


Thank you for any information you can give. I am not living in big city, so I do not have any chance to listen them... :o  Really hope anyone can give me any suggestions. 





PS : my audio source is PC + Atoll DAC 100 (it is not a hot brand, and made in France. But have good analysis , and maybe digital and cold, cost around 500 euros)

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You might read up and ask amplifier questions on this thread.


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Having owned both of these headphones, I strongly recommend that you add the a Bottlehead Crack to your short list. If you want to save some money you can build this yourself for less than $300. Alternatively, you can have someone build one for you or buy one from the forums here. Just make sure it has a transformer of the correct voltage for your region.


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Thanks for recommending me Bottlehead Crack. It is so cheap, how about it comparing with the others? Is it good for T1 also?  It is not easy to buy this from Europe... They will ask some costume duty... :mad:

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The Crack is awesome with T1. Many users can attest to the strength of this combination, including me!
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