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Hey everyone, first time poster, been lurking forever.  I plan on building a custom audio switcher with a DTA-120 build into it.  I'm basing it roughly on this design.  The selectable inputs are going to be from my PC, XBox One and aux input jack, and the outputs to the amp, a BlueTooth transmitter, and the front 3.5mm jack. The wooden face of the enclosure will have the amp face, the rotary selectors for input and output, and 2 3.5mm jacks, one for an aux input and one for headphones (unamplified) out.  I was going to try to keep the theme with black, gold and wood.  The amp already goes with the gold and black, and I'm going to use these black knobs, so that leaves me trying to find gold/black 3.5mm jacks.  I found these on eBay, but they are only 3-pole.  Anyone ever found a gold 4-pole connector?  Thanks for any help.  As soon as I get back from deployment, I'll be starting the build.