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$350aud - Hybrid or BA?

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Hi all


It's new earphone shopping time. Got $350aud to spend. Could I stretch to $400? Possibly, but it'd have to be a worthy jump in quality.


Must be a universal IEM, Prefer over the ear type. Will be using them for minimum 2 hours a day, so need to be comfy (housing with similar size to um3x, the w40 I had very briefly were slightly larger and fit OK, but don't know how they would have been after extensive listening) and non-fatiguing.


Types of music will be mostly electronic (techno, minimal/house, very small amount of trance, Flume etc) and alternative. I prefer a warm signature. And so, Hybrid or BA? I would have liked my old um3x to have ever so slightly more impact in the lows.


There are so many options out there now its almost overwhelming!


Look forward to the recommendations :)



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You SHOULD grab this new, sealed pair of SM64 IEMs:  


Here are some great, second-hand options (in order of recommendation):

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Why not a dynamic driver? As above, the IE80 are a fantastic pair of dynamic IEMs, and offerings from Vsonic such as the GR07 are fantastic choices. Maybe even Ocharaku, they have some very interesting options. To my ears, nothing really has better bass than a pair of dynamic drivers.

I'm not sure what's with people and BA IEMs and Hybrids, what happened to all the wonderful dynamic IEMs?

But... If you do enjoy a warm BA sound, the Westone W30 are a good option, and the Shure SE535 as well.
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@cCasper TFG
You 2 aren't the same user by chance? tongue.gif. I've been in contact with him about the sm64. I've decided its out of budget unfortunately.

I also want a brand new set, not second hand.

Well, I have no issues with dynamic earphones. I just couldn't really think of any recent ones which are over the ear.

Thank you both for your suggestions.
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You may also want to look into something like the HiFiMan RE-600.  Just take care of them and they'll take care of you.  With your genres, the Westone W3 or W4 may be a good match, same goes for the Atomic Floyd SuperDart, or even a TF10 (if you can find one)...  Other suggestions include a 3.Ai.  Dunu's DN-1000 may also suit your needs.  Lots of choices everywhere.  Denon's C-400 can also work for you too.  Quick break down of signatures:

  • HiFiMan RE-600 (single dynamic): warm and sweet.  Has great bass depth and body with strong powerful and detailed mids, but is quite polite on the smooth treble.  Good extension both ways
  • Westone W3 (triple BA): V-shaped signature.  I haven't personally heard it myself, but it will fit your genres
  • Westone W4 (quad BA): Warm signature.  Like the 600, it's got great body and strong impacts, depth is definitely ample, has a slight mid-bass focus.  Midrange smooth and lush and very easy to listen to.  Treble has great detailing overall, though it doesn't extend as far as it should, the spike at the 10k can cause some sibilance. 
  • Atomic Floyd SuperDart (hybrid): V-shaped signature, said to be similar to the TF10.  Strong, impactful bass with a good boom.  Mids are lush and warm though lacking some energy.  Treble is strong and vibrant, a little much so at times.
  • TF10 (triple BA): Another V-shaped, read the W3 desicrption, I haven't personally heard this one either :/
  • Heir Audio 3.Ai (triple BA): Another V-shaped signature.  Strong boomy bass that also has good texturing.  Mids are a little stronger than that of the SuperDart and not lacking in energy.  Upper treble is strong and vibrant, again, a little much at times.  Lacks extension and the lower treble doesn't snap as well as it should.
  • Dunu DN-1000 (hybrid): Warm and sweet signature.  Again, good bass body with a slight boom and bang.  Mids are on the smoother side but still have a slight aggression to them.  Treble can be a bit edgy at times, but well controlled otherwise.  Good extension.
  • Denon C-400 (dual BA): I've since sent these back (loaner), they are a v-shaped signature with some energy to it.  Bass body isn't the strongest, but it has some tight, fast bass with a strong impact and subtle texturing.  Midrange is quite aggressive with strong clarity, lacks lushness.  Treble is on the edgy side again and rolls off quickly. 


Hope this helps.  If I think up of any others, I'll let you know.

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