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Can it be bought through our local AK dealers or only through UE?
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Through UE custom direct.
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Bummer, I got my UERM just like a month ago (hell yeah, they're freaky awesome set of ciems).  The AK240/UERM deal looks really good.  If I've known, could just have waited out a little bit and grab this deal.    

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I don't think I can afford this but looks like a good deal ! 

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Wow!  These are some GREAT deals!  :smile:  I would highly advise any and all interested in the UERM to jump on one of those deals.


In case anyone is curious about how the UERM fares with the AK240 or the AK120, it features prominently in our AK240 review here.  Given the neutral signature of both the AK240 and UERM, they pair fantastically well together, offering up some of the best synergy I've heard to date in any rig anywhere.  Paired with the AK120, the UERM's slight warmth tranlates the AK120's sound into a wonderfully sweet and musical experience.


For even more Astell&Kern + UERM impressions - including AK100II+UERM and AK120II+UERM impressions - I just posted a little shootout of those DAPs here.


As for the UE18, I've only tried a universal demo with my AK120.  Good, solid low-end with much gravitas and an abundance of detail.

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Interested in the AK240 with UE18 most likely. When does the offer end?
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So interested in a UERM + 120....
No money as a student T.T

Also how long does this deal last?
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Originally Posted by Audio Addict View Post

Could you clarify the UE-RM as their are two on the website.  Am I correct the UE-RM referenced is the vocal reference monitors versus the personal reference monitors since the UE-RM is a lower price than for the UE-18?

Did you by chance get my PM from back on April 6th?

Just to clarify, MikeDias is right, but I think you might have missed these reference monitors on their webpage.

There are actually three 'reference' monitors.

The personal reference monitors, their top model that you tune yourself.

The vocal reference monitor, this you mentioned and is specifically designed for singers and accurate reproduction of their vocals.

The third is the one on sale here, the custom reference monitor which as Mike Dias says was designed with capitol studios for 'sound engineering' on the go. Aka, almost perfectly flat.
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Hey it mentions balanced cable in the advert.  Is this UE cable available for purchase separately?  I need one for my UE18s :)

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Hey there. If you look closely at all of our UE cables, there is no Y joint so left and right are always separate until the jack. Now that there are more players on the market that have balanced output jacks, we'll be releasing multiple versions for the community. But for now, the only way to get the balanced cable is through the special.

One more thing for cases like yours. If you already have a UE and AK combo, here's all that you have to do. Get a friend to sign up for the bundle and we'll send you a surprise thank you gift. Wink. Wink. Make the introductions to me at mdias@logitech.com and I'll take care of the rest. Talk about simple. You take care of your friends. We take care of you. Everyone wins.
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Originally Posted by imackler View Post

Wow. That's a sick deal. 

If someone wants a deal on either AK, pm me, because I've been interested in a UERM. Maybe we can work together? 

I am interested in the AK240:)
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'Sick deal' alright; someone is having a laugh...

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Still... it is a better deal:)

Someone willing to split the deal? I would be happy to get the AK240!

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Question...is this the AK120 v1 or the AK120II?
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Originally Posted by leesure View Post

Question...is this the AK120 v1 or the AK120II?


I think it's the original AK120... which I actually prefer to the AK120II, even though the AK120II shares the same basic signature as the AK240, which I adore.  Yeah, I'm weird that way.  :D

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