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I find myself in a pickle today.  I turned on my old, Win XP audio PC/music server and found it broke.  Specifically, 2 separate components were malfunctioning.  One was the Rocketfish eSATA hard drive enclosure, which housed my 3.5" drive with Win XP OS AND music (I do have data backup), which developed some kind of error, leading to my PC not even booting up, at times citing "disc read error" or "I/O error," depending on which time I rebooted.  


I temporarily solved the issue by simply moving my hard drive inside my PC in SATA bay.  This is not optimal because I had previously found my system to sound cleaner and purer with the hard drive outside the computer via eSATA enclosure's own power supply.  


I then found the computer power supply's rocker power button broke.  At first I thought the PS was broken, but after I pushed the power rocker briskly several times, power actually went on.  If I turn the switch off or pull the power cord, I have to go through the several brisk pushes, which turns on power.  I am afraid the switch is going bad and I will no longer be able to turn it on in the future at all.  

P.S.  Anybody know where to buy one of these rocker switches or how to repair it?  (perhaps just bypass the switch and keep the PS permanently "on")





All this is leading up to me finally getting a new music server, which I have been putting off for several reasons:


1.  Windows XP had sounded best to me over newer Windows, and it's difficult to set up a new server around Win XP now.  Heck, I would have to hunt down a XP installation disc (hopefully genuine).  

2.  I have TONS of music on this 3.5" drive, and I have a bazillion music tracks neatly organized into numerous Foobar 0.8.3 Playlists.  Would HATE to lose all my playlists, so the new server would have to work with Foobar 0.8.3 (which I found best sounding over newer Foobar versions) and Foobar playlists.  

3.  I used to use Lynx card for spdif out but use Xmos based USB DAC's these days, so the server would have to have "good" USB output.  (Is "audiophile" USB card like SOtM good idea?)  


Looking around, it was surprising to STILL not see too many good off-the-shelf options for audiophile music servers from major companies.  One can also spend quite a bit $$$ from "audiophile" companies, but I'm not sure it would be worth it.  


Taking all insights and inputs! ;D 

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