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For Sale:
hifiman he500 ******SOLD******

Will Ship To: US/CAN

price is includes shipping and pp fees

the headband can be replaced, a replacement is $50 from hifiman


these 500s were bought in the last part of last year, by the original owner. he had put some electrical tape on the headband he said to help with comfort along with the comfort band.
when the tape was removed, it pulled some of the thin, black skin off, no damage other than the discoloration pictured was done to the band. the outer grill cloth was removed, some feel it helps the headphone sound more open(?). both of these issues can be remedied if the new owner chooses.i didn't not really see the need, as they have NO effect on sound quality at all.
two custom cables are included, with a set of spare connectors, and a hifiman travel case.
no stock box, or hifiman cables included. this is an excellent opportunity to have the hifiman sound for cheap !



it does come with a comfort band that can cover the damaged headband





cables are about 7ft long, one thicker, stiffer, one lighter , more flexible

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