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I'm new here, and not really an audiophile so please bear with me. Anyway, I've been mainly using "gaming" gear up till now.(Steelseries 7H, Siberia v2, Razer Orca) Yeah, I'm aware that they're pretty much trash, but it was more matter of price/performance/comfort ratio and... ignorance xD.


Anyway, my worthless razer orca broke down after 7 months of use and while I was searching for a replacement I noticed that the Beyerdynamic DT 660s (32ohm version) are on sale (36% off) ... (The original price is 243$~ and 155$ on sale when converted from my local currency) Actually, barring the sale the 660 are more expensive than the 770... I often see the DT 770 recommended as good headphones for gaming, while the 660 are rarely, if ever, mentioned.


So my question would be, do you guys have any experience with the DT 660 (Edition Premium)? How do they compare to the 770s? Also, would I need an amp for the 32ohm version? Any other recommendations? Should I just stick with cheap "gaming" gear and throw it out every 8 months? xD (The Steelseries 5h is on sale! costs 55$ atm xD) I don't have much of a problem with sound quality, since I've never used "decent" cans in the first place, so...


My budget is 160$~, but since I'm Lithuanian the prices are kind of bloated and the selection (of "non-gaming" gear) is relatively scarce. (Mainly Beyerdynamic and Sennheiser) I use my headphones equally often for music/gaming/tv series-movies... Music is mostly instrumental, (game OST's etc. Clint Mansell, Bear McReary, Sagisu Shiro, Yuki Kajiura, Jack wall etc.) and J-pop/rock. Well OK, I listen to a ****load of different genres so I guess I'd prefer "balanced" headphones.


I plan on using them only with my PC so portability isn't an issue.


Some Lithuanian sites where you can purchase audio gear (in Lithuanian ! ): [URL=][/URL] [URL=][/URL]


(I'm not quite sure what's the deal with shipping/taxes etc. from Amazonglobal or ebay, probably would cost even more in the long run)


Anyway, thanks for reading my incoherent ramblings!