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my first post here but just wondering if anyone done the same as me and fitted the G cushion pads from PS1000 on their RS1i headphones and black taped the edges.

I loved these headphones in standard form but this little mod has put them onto a different planet.

sound stage is enormous , high level detail so stunning, midrange and bass as it were but so much space between vocals and instruments you get lost in it all.

Really does make me wonder if grado fit them with the L cushion pads to keep them away from the GS1000 because if they sold with these pads i would no way stump up the extra £300ish for GS1000s.

friend has the GS1000 and we both prefer the RS1i with the G cushion pads .

have been missing about with mains cables , power supplies , conditioners recently at a hefty price and nothing has put such a smile on my face has these pads.

seriously recommend it.