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IEM's Under $120

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I was looking for a cheap, good looking, pair of IEMs.


I was looking at the Shure SE215s (I actually like their look) but I don't know.


Music I listen to:

Childish Gambino

Kanye West



all sorts of Trap/Dubstep


Are the cables on the SE215s completely removable (can you use a standard 3.5mm cable on them)?

Removable cable would be nice. 

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I just got the 215K's (live sound).  They are a frigging bitch to put in the first few times, but sound great.  I also have JVC HA-FTX90's (Japan import).  They are also really good.  Neither is "V" shaped IMO, rather a shallow "U" shape.  I say this as I am using the FIIO E12 to power these.  Normal "V" tuned buds don't make my perforated eardrum vibrate like a son of a bitch, both of these do.  The JVC's are rated at 150 mW if you are planning on amping them.  I couldn't find any input specs on the Shures but, they sound great and show no signs of stress.

If you go with the JVC's plan on a week of burn in :).

I listen to classic rock at high volume as I am deaf.  The Shures have better sub bass than the JVC's.

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Do they accept standard 3.5mm cables? 

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Yes, both do.  There is a post above regarding the best IEM's <$100.  Neither of these are on it.  So, you may want to read it.

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