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I am in pursuit of upgrading my audio experience.  My previous post has led me to consider upgrading from my 7506's. The two headphones that I keep coming back to in my search are the ATH-A900x and the T50RP, which I would modify per the instructions on this forum. I realize this might be a rather strange comparison, but if I buy used a900x's the two headphones are almost exactly the same price. My thoughts are that the a900x's would be easier to drive and so sound better with my current setup but that the T50RP's have more potential for great sound that I could grow into by upgrading with an amp in the future. I also love a good DIY project. But, on the other hand, it worries me that I have no way of knowing how the T50RP's will sound until I tear them apart and shove them full of clay, felt, and cotton, thus precluding my ability to return them. So on SQ alone, how do these two phones measure up? Am I comparing apples and oranges? 



P.S. - Does anyone know if someone has tried to make an open back design out of the T50RP's? It seems as if the HiFiMan orthos do well open-backed that the T50RP's might as well. I enjoy woodworking, and I think I have a nice hunk of mahogany in the basement if I wanted to woodify them. Just a thought.