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The First Cut Is The Deepest by Cat Stevens



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Very interesting thread !

I am not sure why but some new versions do not work for me :


- I'm on fire (Carmen Gomez / Bruce Springsteen)

- Come together (Reeves&Wilson / Beatles)

- Wicked Game (Carmen Gomez / Chris Isaak)


In these cases I kind of "grew up" on the originals, there are certain memories attached and the sound of tape from a car radio.

For me, these songs need a certain dose of grittyness.

The new ones are just too perfect especially the audiophile quality recordings of Carmen Gomez voice ;) 


And I positively have heard more impressive interpretations of "Fever" than both Carmen G. and Peggy Lee.

I will post these when I find them - unfortuantely old fashioned CDs are not so easy searchable as i-tunes :D.


And LOL ROFL a perfect example of the the cover being better is Rod Stewart's "First cut", the original is a complete sucker against that one.

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Go Now, original by Miss Bessie Banks and cover by the Moodie Blues. Miss Banks original is very good but Denny Laine just kills it!

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I'm A Man by The Spencer Davis Group


I like both versions.



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Originally Posted by Kheadfi View Post

from Rad Bennett's review in SoundStage!

 There are some standards on the set that knocked me over with their fresh approach. Any singer can misplace a few accents and rhythms and come up with something that's original, but perhaps also uneasy and a little strange. Not Gomes, who has taken the songs to their bones and then restructured them to suit her style. Thus "Fever" doesn't sound like a cover of Peggy Lee; it sounds like a brand new take on a familiar song. You emerge from hearing it not thinking it's better or lesser than Lee's version, but that it's a valid new interpretation that could have come first.



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I Don't Want to Talk About It by Crazy Horse






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I'd have to say IMHO Hendrix doing his interpretation of All Along The Watchtower is better than Dylan's creation. I certainly enjoy Dylan but it doesn't come anywhere near how full Jimi plays it.






Vs Dylan:

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I wont dare say it's better, but (R.i.p) to both of these masters


Nujabes or Jun Seba, and Yusef Lateef, 


Alot of the jazz influence in Nujabes Tracks sound very much like Yusef Lateefs Eastern Sounds Album, and what blows my mind is it's equally as magical as Nujabes Remixes of those tunes! Really both men are masters of there genre, Yusef of the tradtional or classical styles of Jazz, and Jun for his modern adaptaption of the classics, while still being beautiful pieces of music in their own right! 


This Video Starts with a Nujabes Tune, then plays the original 





Here's is the Full Track from Jun, I never realized how many samples Jun used from well Yusef's work, either way it's super awesome! I was SUPER stocked to hear the orignals, after being a Nujabes fan for so long now :D and I love both songs and style equally ^^ 

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"I Fought The Law" by the Bobby Fuller Four and then better by the Clash. Sure, The Bobby Fuller Four are still cool:



But The Clash were ready to unleash the beast:



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In this case I have to say that Astor Piazzolla was a genius musician and I do not claim that this new version of his landmark love song is ''better'' but Andre Heuvelman's version never fails to give me goosebumps and the sound of this album which seems to have been mixed and mastered with the Sennheiser HD800 headphones is sublime. 



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Originally Posted by christian u View Post

Wicked Game


Carmen Gomes


Chris Isaak


I always thought HIM's cover was probably the best:


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Well to each his own, but I really do not like this version. Carmen Gomes makes the song real and this... well I guess I am just getting old and sentimental, but anyway thanks for posting,It shook me up. I did not know it was possible to apply such an amount of compression to a song.



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I slightly hesitate to call it better, but I find Youn Sun Nah and Ulf Wakenius's duet version of Metallica's "Enter Sandman" musically more interesting than the original, despite how much of a classic it is. The chemistry between the two is phenomenal and Nah manages to make this song about a child having nightmares genuinely creepy and disturbing with her spellbinding interpretation, which succeeds in lulling the listener into a false sense of security before totally blowing them away with Nah's performance and incredible display of voice control and then taking an unexpected turn and ending the song on a very unsettling note.



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These 2 are real musicians!

And what a joy not having to listen the terrible drumming from the metallica drummer.

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