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Hey Guys, I just thought I'd post my firt post in here and introduce myself.


I'm 30-something from Morocco and I like my audio gear. Be it headphones, full size hifi speakers or car audio.


I used to be completely into big speakers and amps but some noisy neighbours and a headphones-addicted cousin pushed me into quality headphones and DACs territory.


Head-fi has been a huge help in choosing my first good headphones before I even registered.


I currently own a pair of Sony MDR-XB600 Japanese spec (closed cans 40mm drivers) and a pair of Somic MH463 (open back 50mm drivers)


I chose those two to test how good sub $100 headphones can be before going into expensive stuff and I must say I'm very satisfied with my choices and I don't think I'll be buying $500 sennheisers any time soon.


I use a SMSL SAD-25 DAC.


I listen to all kinds of music including japanese, house, oldschool rock and pop classics (the best type of music imo with good heaphones)...


See you on the forums! :)