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Headphone Amp

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I recently bought my first pair of fairly high end headphones (v-moda xs) and was wondering how much a portable headphone amp could help my overall sound quality. I listen to music through my phone for the most part, and would like something portable and I'm on a budget so sub $50. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
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Hello, It depends on your headphones impedance.


It's the number of ohms (symbol: Ω).


If they are under 60ohms, you don't necessarily need an amp and a normal computer or smartphone can drive them just fine.


If they are over 60ohms then they will benefit from an AMP.


If your headphones are high end audiophile headphones and you use them on your computer, you'd better get a DAC with built-in amp.($100~$200 range)


If you want to use them with your phone, a simple portable headphones amp will do. ($30~$40 for basic one)


Oh, and it depends on whether you like your music loud or not, if you do then an amp can always help as long as your headphones can take the extra volume.


EDIT: I just checked the specs of your headphones, they're only 28.5Ω so you don't need an amp.

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Another little info about this topic:


Heaphones designed for smartphones (like yours) usually don't need amps.


They're easy to recognize either with the package that has a "designed for iphones/ipads" label or with the inline mic and remote.

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