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Anyone interested in photography, art or technology might enjoy my solo photo exhibit at the Gloria Delson Contemporary Arts Gallery in Downtown Los Angeles.  The body of work is from a 3+ year project shooting historic buildings downtown using an iPhone.  I started this project for myself and to see how far I could push iPhoneography as a medium.  The prints are 23" x 23" on metal.  I also created custom GPS Google maps of all the image locations and painted the information overlay on the walls of the gallery.  Fun stuff.


In Flux: Photographs of Historic Downtown Los Angeles is a journey through this city, cast through a neo-noir lens and in the spirit of post-apocalyptic visions of LA seen in the likes of Blade Runner and Omega Man. The technological implications of my chosen medium, the iiPhone, both color the scene and situate it in time and place by providing viewers with GPS coordinates to act as an information overlay, mapping points of the exhibition to extend the viewing experience out of the gallery and onto the street.


Anyone from Head-fi that wants to come to the friends and neighbors preview party can use this link to be put on the guest list: