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For Sale: Audioengine A5+ White

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For Sale:
Audioengine A5+ White

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I'm selling my 2nd pair of Audioengine A5+ speakers.  They are 2 months old.


They are a Stereophile Class C component:


These are in immaculate, 10/10, condition.  They were taken out of the box and left in one place and not touched except for being carefully dusted.  No-smoking, no pets, no children.  All original accessories and boxing are included—even the twist-ties and bag of silicia :)  The only difference from brand new is you don't get to rip open the plastic bag containing the power cord.


(I forgot to include the User Manual in the photo, but it'll be in the box).


Original purchase receipt will be forwarded so you can take advantage of the warranty.  You get the entire warranty minus the 2 months I've owned them.


Feedback: I did most of my trading before Head-Fi changed to the new feedback system.  You can view my feedback thread here in my signature.


You're getting an indistinguishable-from-new $400 Stereophile Class C rated pair of speakers for $250 shipped.  Thanks for reading :).

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I'll take 'em. PM sent

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