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Wanted: WTD: IEMs [UK/EU]

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Will Ship To: Anywhere

I'm after a pair of (universal) IEMs that are at least broadly competitive with, and if possible better than, my current Monster Turbine Pro Coppers, but with less of a bass emphasis and considerably less roll-off in the treble. Unless they're something really special and warrant the cost (and, more importantly, the pocket space) of an amp they need to perform respectably unamped, driven by an iPod Touch 3G.


Ideally I want to keep it under £150 or the Euro equivalent, but I may be able to stretch further if nobody comes up with anything suitable within that budget. Has to be UK or EU to avoid hefty customs charges.


PM me or post up here as you prefer, anything considered but I may need a little help deciding if they're what I'm after as there's such a confusingly large number of products on the market!

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Hi, have you considered Audeo Phonak PFE-232?

Best regards,
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Originally Posted by Jobbing View Post

Hi, have you considered Audeo Phonak PFE-232?

Best regards,

Yes I have, they sound roughly what I'm after though possibly a little too V-shaped, as I'd rather avoid an overly prominent bass. The lack of detachable cable is unfortunate too though not necessarily a deal-breaker.


I saw some for sale on another forum and they were just that bit too far out of my budget, what kind of price are you thinking of?

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PM sent!
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BTW, shipment to the UK would be €13 + PP
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Thanks for all the replies and PMs so far - I have a couple of very tempting options in the £200 range, but I'd still rather keep it lower if possible. Something like a pair of Etymotic ER4s would be ideal (at an appropriate price of course).

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Sorry, forgot to update this thread to say I'd bought some ER-4PTs - not totally convinced by them yet by will reopen if I decide to sell them on and get something else.

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