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For Sale: FS/T: AKG K712

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For Sale:
FS/T: AKG K712

Will Ship To: US

I purchased these headphones late April so I've had them about a month and a week. I haven't listened to them much as they hurt my ears. I'd guess somewhere around 100 hours of listening time and an additional 100 hours of burning in with pink noise. Sound better than out of the box, no issues.
Very slight shows of wear on the pads but nothing has happened to them and I haven't brought them anywhere so they're in like new condition. Box sleeve has a small tear on it, box has a small ding. All original contents included (both cables, unused carrying bag).
$SOLD OBO + PayPal, Shipping
Feel free to PM with questions. Thanks for looking
EDIT: I also have a Yulong U100 that came around same time, also like new. Will add it to the package for an extra $90.


EDIT 2: Also happy to trade one or both items + cash for an HD800

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Does price include payapl and shipping, or do we have to add those on?

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Please see original post. I plan to lower the price soon though so that should cancel out the shipping here. Certainly if there's a reasonable price anyone would like to pay, feel free to PM an offer.

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When you say they hurt your ears, do you mean physically hurt like they don't fit comfortably or the sound (treble) hurts you.

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Physically they're very comfortable. The treble hurt my ears at first and then the cans burned in, now only bad/unmastered recordings hurt my ears via the treble.


The bass is the only part that hurts my ears now, I listen to very bass heavy music and I upgraded from a pair of HD280 Pro's which in comparison have very little bass.


I happen to have the unfortunate combination here of not being a bass head but listening to electronic music most of the time. If you like having a lot of bass or don't listen to bass heavy music (classical sounds phenomenal) I would expect you'd have no issue.

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