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Hey guys, i got a AKG K612 Pro and a Sennheiser HD598. They work really well on my PC with a dedicated sound card. However i have a laptop which ill be using quite a lot over the summer for gaming and music (mostly techno, deep house etc). Since my laptop has an Integrated Creative Sound Blaster Cinema which i believe is kinda crap it doesn't really give me a good performance compared to my PC. I did some research and came across these DAC AMPS: 


- FiiO E7 / E07K and E17


Im currently leaning towards the E7 / E07K atm. I believe one of my friends got me a Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO (250 OHM) as a present and i'd like to be able to use that as well with the DAC AMP. Thanks fo reading