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IC: Vancouver mini-meet - Jul/Aug 2014 - Page 2

Poll Results: When would you be able to attend a mini-meet next?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 0% of voters (0)
    July 19
  • 0% of voters (0)
    July 20
  • 25% of voters (2)
    July 26
  • 25% of voters (2)
    July 27
  • 75% of voters (6)
    Aug 2
  • 50% of voters (4)
    Aug 3
  • 12% of voters (1)
    Aug 9
  • 12% of voters (1)
    Aug 10
  • 37% of voters (3)
    Aug 16
  • 62% of voters (5)
    Aug 17
8 Total Votes  
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I'll bring a PanAm with Mullard tubes, an ifi iUSB, a dragonfly dac, and a Centrance HiFi-M8. 

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ill bring burson 160ds, lcd-x, hd650s

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What day is this happening on?

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Aug 2nd no go (even though it's the most voted day).


Looks like Aug 17th is the next day and I'll need a week or so advanced notice to get things set up.


Let me know if that works for everyone. Pls PM me or post here to confirm everyone!



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works for me.

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Me too
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August 17th works well for me too.

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I should be able to drop in, depending on a few things and location.
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Update list of attendees and date (August 17th). 

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Was a location confirmed?

I've got bunch of 96-192 HR files I'll be bringing on my iPad to play thru onkyo.
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Sorry, scratch my name off, can't make it.
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Sorry to hear that Fireboy. Maybe next time!

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I should be able to drop in, will PM organizer closer to date. won't be able to stay super long though - but it sounds like it's going to be a blast!!


There will be two non-members with me, but I will provide their details as well when confirming, one being a friend I have all my purchased shipped to to try before he sends them on :)

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Final ping. Want to make sure if you're still committed to attending, pls PM me. Thanks!

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Hey guys, I'm going to cancel this as there were only 2 people who pinged me via PM to commit to this. It's a bit last minute but I was hoping there would be at least 5 to make it worthwhile to hold it in the office space. Anything less and someone's home could definitely serve for a mini-GT.


Thanks to those who showed interest. Enjoy the rest of the summer Van peeps!

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