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IC: Vancouver mini-meet - Jul/Aug 2014

Poll Results: When would you be able to attend a mini-meet next?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 0% of voters (0)
    July 19
  • 0% of voters (0)
    July 20
  • 25% of voters (2)
    July 26
  • 25% of voters (2)
    July 27
  • 75% of voters (6)
    Aug 2
  • 50% of voters (4)
    Aug 3
  • 12% of voters (1)
    Aug 9
  • 12% of voters (1)
    Aug 10
  • 37% of voters (3)
    Aug 16
  • 62% of voters (5)
    Aug 17
8 Total Votes  
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This is an interest check to see who would want to attend a mini-meet in Vancouver. Someone proposed to have one following our recent Vancouver meet and I've offered to host in my office for about 10 people max. 


WHERE: @the corner of West Pender and West Georgia in Coal Harbour area (exact address to be provided to confirmed attendees)


WHEN: Cancelled







Girls Generation



(If you're still undecided and on this list, let me know.)

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I am definitely interested but need to know the date in advance to ask for it off from work.

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Parkie, put a poll up for you and everyone else to vote on the specific days. We'll get one day that hopefully works out for most folks.

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Sorry for the slow response.  I have been knocked out by the flu (Noro Virus).  I am getting back to normal again, but my head is still a bit woozy.  I will have a look at it tomorrow or the next day, when I am thinking straight and update then.


Thanks very much for being proactive : )



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bumping this for visibility...

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Hi all, I will be in the Vancouver area from the 12th Aug for my friends wedding and an extended visit. If you have this and have space for a drop in I would do my best to get there.

As well, I want to do some shopping and testing while in the are so any tips would be great.
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Looks like demand is thin so this is looking less likely. I'm still interested in doing this as our first floor office space is very open. But I will need at least a couple of weeks notice to ensure the space and scheduling conflicts on my office space and personal time aren't going to get in the way. Will have free snacks/drinks for you guys as well.


Again, 10 people max.

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i'm interested. 

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I'm interested.  I have a few DIY pieces I built from AMB Labs, and a DIY DAC that I did myself which I can bring, for those interested.  I also have some great 24/192 demo material.

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Pls vote on a date so we can coordinate. August is coming shortly. I can't edit the poll options without clearing the answers. :/

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I'd also be interested. I missed the last meet because I was out of town. Any weekend works fine for me. 

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I would be able to drop in on the 17th, I believe. I won't have much with me, unless I purchase anything over there (anyone know where to get some stuff? :D) or bring a pair or two with me.

So while I'd love to count for the headcount, it's not like I will have a lot to offer (other than my ears!!)

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Greetings guys. Just wanted to say hi :)

I'm moving over to Vancouver from Melbourne soon (Arrive Aug 22).

So I'll miss this one but I'd be up for a meetup in future.

I've recently sold my TH-600s :( But I'm taking my Signature DJs, M100s & DT1350s over (all nice and portable), and I may look into buying some TH900s or something else when I get over there. Hope to do some listening/testing first..also very interested in Alpha Dogs, Sig Pros, Ed8s (I'm really loving the SigDJs, they've reignited my Ultrasone love after the love-hate with Pro900s years ago)

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So the meet isn't necessarily just for those of us with gear but ANYONE who is interested in head-fi stuff. So bring your ears too!

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I'm interested.

I'll bring my LCD-2, norne cable, bellari amp.
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