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Hi everyone, first post here. :)


I've had a total nightmare with Logitech over the pathetic cables they have provided with this otherwise incredible sounding set of earphones. I am now on my 3rd factory cable and every single one has broken at the jack or the wire has broken at the end, and my last contact with them was infuriating to the point where they denied ever talking to me about a replacement cable for the last replacement cable that broke within days of receiving it. Anyways! Vent over.


I have searched far and near for a replacement cable and have come across the other thread with some great suggestions, including the fiico cable. However I cannot seem to find a set that has a mic and volume control. I travel a lot and have to take calls sometimes while on the go, so these are perfect for that, or when I am out and about. Are there any cables that have a mic/volume control, or is it only the OEM set? The wire has broken on this last set on left ear and I have used crazy glue to glue the jack-end rubber together with electrical tape. They sound wonderful but the wire has snapped at the base so it is generally useless to me and wont stay on my ear.


Any suggestions or comments here are welcome. I may just have to relent and buy a dedicated cable for these and another set for roaming around and dual purpose.


Thanks :)