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Sennheiser Momentum Over-Ear vs V-Moda XS

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Hi guys,


I know these are hard to compare as one is over-ear and the other on-ear. However, after having narrowed down the short list, these seem to fit the bill.


I want to but a good sounding, quality headphone within the price range of USD200-300 that I can use on the go. It doesn't have to be an audiophile type of quality. There is no point for me to buy big bulky studio headphones I won't want to take with me on my commute or in the plane. Basically, they need to be good for travel and daily walks. Also, I do appreciate limited leakage in order not to get the stares. To be honest, despite the reviews, I am a bit scared of the comfort level for these on-ears as most of my flights are long-haul; eight hours and up. I would think the over-ears should be a better choice in this regard but then again, I guess you kind of need a break from any headphone (heating etc.) after that much time.


Admittedly, I do look at the styling of the phones as well and although I like both - they both have some things that bother me (why can't Sennheiser just have an undercover version of the black Momentum's without the red). To be honoust, Sennheiser's USD50 relatively weak cord is a bit of a bummer but I get the feeling that these phones are more true to the sound. I am not sure though because it is very hard for me to get a hold of these living in Shanghai, China. 


Hopefully I can avoid a blind internet buy and on that note, does anyone know a good hi-fi store in Shanghai to try out these phones?


Thanks for the tips!

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What sound signature are you after ? (Bassy, neutral, v-shaped?)
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Hi x, thanks for the reply. To be honest, my music taste is quite diverse with a little bit of bass appreciation, although I wouldn't want to stray too far from neutral. I know that V-Moda should probably get the win in the (elevated) bass department. On the other hand, I suspect that most will find the Sennheiser generally more pleasing/neutral. 


In all fairness, I couldn't call myself a true audiophile, rather someone looking for a high quality music experience and hoping to find something that represents the price in value.

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I would get the V-Moda. I think they suit your needs better. However, I haven't heard the XS, but many say that it's very similar to its predecessor (M80), which are know to have good bass with a mid-centric sound, but rolled off highs. If that's what you're looking for, then by all means get the XS.
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Thanks for the help, I appreciate it.


I am leaning a bit towards the XS for a number of reasons. The portability is a big plus. The build quality looks great as well. Also, I really appreciate the fact that the company chooses not to exploit consumers with after sales pricing (e.g. the cable price seems very reasonable at USD15.00 considering it is kevlar reinforced, available in four colors, features mic and is dressed in cloth). The overall style of the phones is cool but I could have done with a different looking case; not one that looks like it came rolling off the set of Alien vs Predator. My main fear is just the comfort though. Would it be comfortable for 3-4 hours, a reasonable time to want to listen to music and play movies IMO?


The Sennheiser is a bit more understated, which is something that I like. I also think these slightly bigger headphones look decent on someone's head. Main issues I guess are the fact that it seems severely less portable. The case seems like it would take up half my backpack and I wouldn't be able to fit it in my work bag. Other concerns would be the cable (yeah, it really does bother me quite a lot that a USD300.00 headphone would be produced with generic cable) and the fact that so many consumers report the earpads to be too small for medium-big ears, as I would probably fall into this category..

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The Momentum's may not be as big as you think. I found them intolerably cramped to be honest.
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Thanks, good to have that confirmed then. Guess the Sennheiser is not really one to take the risk on if I am unable to get a hold of one first to try out.

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I eventually bought the M-100's but they have a similar issue. Thankfully V-Moda listened to the feedback and released the XL pads. Makes all the difference.
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Thanks guys, I decided to go for the XS. It looks like these would fit my music and portability requirements a bit better. Unfortunately, it also seems pretty impossible to get my hands on one locally (just iStores selling Bose, Parrot etc.) so unless I would be willing to buy them on local webpages - not recommendable in China due to obvious counterfeit issues - this option is out.


In short, hope they don't disappoint. I guess I could always send them back to the US at about half the price of the phones :S

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