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USB Solution for laptop

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Hey guys i recently picked up a AKG 612 PRO and i must say they sound amazing on my PC. However on my laptop they just are terrible. I was looking into getting either one of these:


- Asus Xonar U1 or U3 USB Soundcard

- Fiio E11 Klimanjaro Portable Headphone Amp


I usually use my laptop for gaming when i'm away from home for long periods of time so that's the main use for these headphones. Any advice is appreciated. Any suggestions in the same price range is welcome ( sub 100 pounds )


Edit: Also got a pair of Sennheiser HD598, would be nice if the usb solution would drive these as well.

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Anything that will drive the K612 will do even better job with the HD598. The K612 are much more difficult to drive.

If you can swing the little extra over your budget, I would suggest the FiiO E12.
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I could if it would offer a big improvement over say the E11, it's double the price of E11 on amazon.

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Cheeky bump

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Have to be patient for responses. smily_headphones1.gif

Posting guidelines say wait 24 hours before bumping:
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Whooops ! Should have read that... ( Sadly patience is not one of my virtues :) )

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