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Help choosing

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Hello People


I know this is like the 1,000th thread like this, but I really need help. I am looking for some new IN-Ears and from all the threads i've read on here I see you guys know what your talking about.



Lets get started!~

I currently have the SE215's and I was always lukewarm about them. There's been moments when I loved them and moments when I felt quite the opposite.... + I thought as I wore them more and more I would get use to the over-the-ear kind of cord, but honestly it has just gotten worse and worse to the point where it starts to hurt my ears after listing to music for over 45 min.



So I am thinking of ditching them and looking for new ones - ones that my musical style's specifically

I mainly listen to (for lack of better terms) Screamo/Rock as well as  a good amount Hip/Hop and some electronic music as well.

My price range: I'm trying to stay within the $120~ price range give or take. If a few extra dollars makes a huge difference im willing to go slightly over that.


Also I would PREFER them not being the over-the-ear type cord. 

Edit:you guys can also throw in some small sized Headphones too if you want


Thank you guys and I hope to hear from some of you soon


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There is a forum dedicated to help and recommendations, so this isn't the best place to have posted this.

But here are some options.
IEMs: Zero Audio Tenore, Zero Audio Singolos, Havi B3 Pro, Ostry KC06(A). I own the KC06As, but the others have been getting loads of attention and are worth trying.
Headphones: Koss Porta Pro, Martin Logan Mikros 90. I own both, love both in their own rights. Koss Porta Pro is used most because of its comfort and good sound that isn't so detailed that it highlights poor quality audio artifacts. Mikros 90 is on another level completely, very good and can be found at highly discounted prices, but clamp force can be bothersome.
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What section?
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Originally Posted by xxtensazenxx View Post

What section?

"Introductions, Help and Recommendations" forum.

I'll offer the standard headfi greeting.  "Welcome to Headfi, sorry about your wallet" :)

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