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For Sale: 4th Gen iPod Touch 64 GB

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For Sale:
4th Gen iPod Touch 64 GB

Will Ship To: CONUS

FS:  4th generation iPod Touch - 64 GB:  in very good condition.  Some slight scratches on front glass and on rear metal back.  Functionally:  flawless.  Other than that, it's very very clean.


It was the third part of my prior portable setup:  CLAS - ALO Rx MkII - iPod Touch 64 GB.  I'm the second owner and it served me well although I rarely used it because I preferred my 160 GB iPod Classic for its higher storage capacity - oh, well.


It the last of its kind with metal casing and a heft and screams "quality" - it's solid. The 5th gen iPod Touch seems light and flimsy in comparison.


This would be a perfect music server transport to connect to a DAP or just use as a iOS portable music/games/browser unit.


Battery-wise, I get around 5-7 hours just playing music (no wifi, BT, and screen set low) but your mileage will vary.


$175 shipped to CONUS via PayPal and either USPS Priority or Fedex Ground.  I'll eat the PayPal fees.





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