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Decware has been sold to a very lucky HD800 owner. 


*sniff* farewell lovely friend...

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DAMNIT MAN! Oh well, I guess my ears just were not meant to hear it's sound. But maybe that means you will have new toys to share at next years meet. :)

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I offer our collective (Bill, Brad, and myself) thanks to Nick and Chris for Sunday's most excellent event in Dallas, it was just plain fun and some of the most singular hot sauce, possibly the best I have ever had.  Truly a day of the aural, taste, and olfactory senses (ahh, the truffled pork slices, a superb and most appreciated touch).  


You guys were lots of fun to meet and talk with, an education in headphones, sounds, and perspective.  I look forward to our next nexus.


Again, thanks for a great day, worth every second of our 7 hour ride to attend.


Barry Thornton - Austin AudioWorks, taking feedback out of your audio life - good riddance.

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Thank you Nick. Your are a great host that know how to treat old and new friends.

I have been wondering about the LCD X and had a great time comparing the LCD 3 and LCD X. I had both plugged into my two jack beta 22 amp for 1/2 hour +. The LCD3 was upgraded by Audeze about a year ago. The LCD3 took move volume to drive. The b22 had no trouble driving either.

In my opinion:

o Both are excellent headphone, among the best I have ever heard. The LCD3 was smoother with a fuller sound. The LCD 3 is warmer, but not base heavy. It is almost like listening on a good tube amp even thought the b22 is solid state. Although not base heavy, I seem to be able to "feel" the base almost like speakers.

o The LCDX was excellent; more accurate with a more balanced upper end.

o The LCD3 is my favorate. If I yearn for accuracy, I will use my HD800. If I want a little extra top end, I will use my T1. (Note, I am not saying all T1s have extra high end, but the T1 I currently own does, SN 14XXX.)

o If I could only buy one quality headphone, of the two I would buy the LCDX. The sound is outstanding and it more accurately covers the full spectrum.

Alpha Dogs - The Alpha Dogs impressed me even more than last year. What a great headphone for list well under $1,000. I am tempted...

PS: I find the b22 very balanced across the frequency range. Maybe now that the Decware is gone someone will lose that tube amp bias :-)
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Thanks for coming Barry (and Bill & Brad too). You unanimously win the "Tonsils of Steel" award for hammering down three scoops of habanero hell in succession without breaking a sweat. Then again, with the red shirt, it was hard to discern if you were truly in trouble... ha ha.


Lots of companies sell novelty hot sauces which are not actually meant to be eaten and most don't taste very good. I must say this stuff is the hottest I can deal with but the flavor makes it worth repeat visits!

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Thanks again Nick, it was a great time and you are a gracious host. Really look forward to you guys coming down to Austin for a meet. We'll make sure to take you out for some great food. Your Decware will be in good hands, I gave a glowing review to it's new owner :)



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I couldn't make the meet, but I'm curious if the PM-1 or HA-1 were there.



Originally Posted by SpaceRabbit View Post

Ohh my, I'm on the front page of head-fi!


Who's who in this photo?



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I'm trying to look like I know what I'm doing on the left ;)

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Thanks again Nick for organizing a fantastic meet.  The conversations were amazing as in previous get-togethers -- so much so that I still didn't get to hear all the gear I wanted.  I missed the LFF Enigma, AK240, HA-1 and Barry's feedback-free amp.  I did get to hear the LCD-X and understand better the direction Aude'ze is going with their lineup.  And the EQ face-off between the Beyers was fun!


I would not change one thing about the day for me.  I really enjoyed everyone I talked to and especially appreciated the Austin crew for travelling up; I need to make it down to Austin when you guys do your next meet. 



Originally Posted by Nick Dangerous View Post


Alpha Dogs - Great cans for the cash. Sounded quite nice out of the Concero HP (again, a bit sweet on top but clean) and the... what was it? ICI-8 portable thingy?

You heard the Alpha Dog through the CEntrance HiFi-M8 balanced out, driven by its USB A input so that it does hi-res (in this case, 24-bit 192kHz).   Hopefully Michael Goodman gets the firmware thing going so that the M8 does hi-res from the iDevice connection, but until then, I would go with the USB one.  And thanks for letting me try the Concero and do an A/B against the HiFi-M8  - very interesting comparison. 

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Originally Posted by SpaceRabbit View Post

I'm trying to look like I know what I'm doing on the left ;)


LOL - That's one of the best things about going to meets - putting faces to avatars (if not to names).


Who is the other new face (on the right)?





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Just in case anyone that was at the meet is interested, I am selling the Grado HF-2's as well as the Beyerdynamic DT1350's that I bought to the show. I'm hoping the funds from these can help me get my Holy Grail of headphones, the T1's :)

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Hey all, had a great time seeing old friends and meeting new ones.

I'd heard most of what was there, so mostly my time was spent talking and demonstrating. A few things I did listen to for the first time, though:

Sony MA900 - No longer does the HD800 hold the 'most comfortable full size' award. This headphone feels like you are wearing nothing. The sound is decidedly mid-fi, but impressive still. Slightly bassy with rolled highs, but still manages good detail and great soundstage. I like 'em.

Barry's prototype current mode amp - Hard to say anything for sure about it, as it was just being driven by a CD player, no dedicated DAC. I didn't hear anything wrong, but it wasn't the best I'd heard. Well represented frequency balance and decent detail. Soundstage could have been larger and more layered. Again I have no idea if the amp or the DAC was the limiting factor here. I'd be happy to participate in a 'shakedown' production model evaluation if such was needed, however I'm not local to Austin.

Philips X1 - A pair of headphones I've been wanting to hear since I bought and returned a pair of L1s a couple years ago. These sounded like LCD-2s but not quite as precise. Dark and rich and pleasant, but not all that accurate. The clamp and physical presence on the head was a bit much. I can see how some would like them, but not my cup of tea.

LFF's Enigma - Sounded pretty similar to my memory of the Paradox. Slightly more bass, I think. These cans are massive and they feel like they are taking up the entire side of your head with their pads. Big turn off for me. I like their sound to a degree, it would be close between them and the Alpha Dogs, though neither of them are comfortable enough to wear for long.

UE Triple.fi - Despite being quite bassy, they managed to stay just enough balanced to be alright. Not quite what I'd look for, but I can see the appeal. Popped my UERM in afterwards and noticed many more layers in depth, much less bass, but better control and a lot more treble quantity, a better balance to my preference.

One thing old I heard in a new way -

Jeff's newly acquired RS1 on his HT receiver was better than expected with Steven Wilson music. It was dynamic, involving and open, and it wasn't harsh or too aggressive. RS1 is one of the better Grados, but I don't like them still. This was probably the best I'd heard Grados yet.

Speaking of Jeff, I'm glad Keith was able to fix your amp, and you and your friend make a cute couple! It's great for you that you can share interest in this hobby.

Sorry to see Nick's rig evaporate after all that work, but I promise you will have a new rig by next time.wink.gif

Anyone else with comments on the Black Diamond? Nick and I are planning a mini-meet when the GS-X and Ragnarok are here within a month or so. Let me know if you are interested. We could probably only handle 2-3 extra people and probably no extra gear (except perhaps your DAC of choice to swap in).

Had dinner at Cyclone Anaya's on Oak Lawn and their tamales were truly excellent. Tender meat, thick but not too thick shell, and plenty of spice to make it interesting. Liked their salsa, too. Most salsas that are chopped that fine are boring and bland, but not this one. Recommended.
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I'm the one on the right in the photo!


I had a great time meeting the other Head-Fiers around Dallas. Thanks to Nick for setting up a wonderful meetup.


Brief thoughts -


MrFaust - Glad you loved the T1s.  Best of luck on your quest for the Holy Grail :)


Thanks to Barry for explaining the concept of no feedback amplifiers so thoroughly.


Was impressed at the Beta22 amplifier... it sounded great with the Tesla T1.  I might have to considering looking into making one as a DIY project.


The Concero dac+amp combination powered my modded T50RPs wonderfully - the amp had no trouble even though I typically have to turn up the volume on most amps for enough juice, and the sound was great.


After listening to the HD800 and the T1s, I feel that I prefer the HD800 by hair.  The sound signatures are somewhat similar to me, but extra soundstage of the HD800 pushes it over the top.  Unfortunately, with the prices of T1s and HD800s these days though, I'm not sure I can justify getting the Sennheisers for now.  Still, the HD800 paired with the Decware CSP2+ is an amazing combination.  The system sounds very refined sounding and not fatiguing in the least.  Next time that upgrade bug hits me, I know what direction I'm going...

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Great food AND headphones?

Paradise. <3

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Originally Posted by vikman21 View Post

I'm the one on the right in the photo!




OK, welcome!  Both you and SpaceRabbit look like you know what you're doing (in the home page photo.)   :D 

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